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Comparative analysis of corrosion gages
Comparative characteristics of Monicor-2M-type information tank systems and CORRDATA system (by Rohrback Cosasco System) in RDC (CA) + Mate II combination
Features compared
RDC (CA)+ Mate II
Number of channels that can be run concurrently on one module.
Capacity of memory and measurements
Nonvolatile memory
Memory is energy-independent. The flash-memory technology guarantees memory retention during 49 years.
Memory is zeroized when battery power drops
Possibility of testing with the solution ohmic resistance compensation
Information retrieval procedure
Simply connect to a computer
An intermediary device is needed (Mate II)
Programming procedure
Set by selecting one of the nine modes
Programmed via Mate II
Possibility of using as a corrosion gage for general or automatic measurement.
A universal device with its own indication of readings
Possible only via Mate II