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    Our major customers are oil-and-gas production and transportation enterprises of Russia as well as companies producing corrosion inhibitors. We are looking forward to seeing You among our customers.
    The services we provide:
  1. Development of custom corrosion monitoring systems, oil refining and petrochemical equipment.
  2. Custom adaptation of the "Extra" software designed for pipeline maintenance services.
  3. Corrosion monitoring of an enterprise using our equipment; development of an advanced approach to problem-solving.
  4. Development of branch and enterprise standards and methodical provision of the work of Your enterprise. (Guiding Documents concerning the corrosion developed by the IPTER Corrosion Monitoring Dept.).
  5. Corrosion inhibitor screening and testing of application technologies for certain deposits (laboratory, bench and field tests based on our equipment):

  6. Assessment of the technical condition of oil, gas and chemical equipment
  7. Due Diligence of oil, gas and chemical equipment