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Here you will find useful links to the foreign websites devoted to corrosion issues.
The science of corrosion at non-commercial websites:
The science of corrosion at the US federal websites:
The science of corrosion at academic websites:
Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH), ZurichInstitute for Building Materials, Materials Chemistry and Corrosion
Helsinki University of Technology (HUT)Laboratory of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry
McMaster University, CanadaWalter W. Smeltzer Corrosion Laboratory
Märkische Fachhochschule, Iserlohn, GermanyLabor für Korrosionsschutztechnik
Moscow State University, RussiaElectrochemistry Division
Northwestern University Infrastructure Technology Institute (ITI)Bridge Corrosion
Ohio State UniversityFontana Corrosion Center
Technical University of Dresden, GermanyInstitut für Physikalische Chemie und Elecktrochemie
Technical University of Gdansk, PolandDepartment Of Anticorrosion Technology
University of Liverpool, UKElectrochemistry Group
University of Manchester Institute of Science and TechnologyCorrosion & Protection CentreCorrosion Information Server
University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UKCorrosion Research Centre
University of Wales, BangorElectrochemistry Group
Utrecht University, NetherlandsElectrochemistry and Condensed Matter Research
Commercial websites devoted to the corrosion:
Journals and bulletins devoted to the corrosion:
Some useful articles devoted to the corrosion:
Links to other websites:
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