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Glass cylindrical cell
    A glass cylindrical cell for corrosion testing is used in the simplest tests aimed at the assessment of the corrosion inhibitors protective effect by LPR measurement.
The tube-cell has the following dimensions:
- Diameter = 80 mm
- Cell height = 120 mm
    The tube-cell has three nipples for air blowing and inhibitor injection. The tube-cell is typically supplied with a sensor for corrosion gaging.
    Description of the working process. An insulated magnet is positioned on the bottom of the cell; a working medium is added. Oxygen is blown off through side outlets; dosing of reagents during experiments is done through these side outlets, too. The outlets are closed with rubber plugs with glass or plastic tubes ended with pieces of a rubber hose with test clips on. Reagents are injected through a syringe into the rubber hose of the middle outlet. The upper outlet of the cell is covered with a rubber plug # 45 with two-electrode electrochemical sensor.
    The cell is produced of Pyrex lab glass. We can optionally produce a water-jacketed thermostatic cell.