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Geophysical electric winch «Moniсor-LGE» according to TU 29.22.12-010-77850157-2021
    Geophysical electric winch «Moniсor-LGE» according to TU 29.22.12-010-77850157-2021 is used for lowering and lifting specialized geophysical instruments into the well and transferring information from the instrument to the recording device.
    The winch consists of a mechanism for lifting and lowering the cable with the device and electric control panel. A complete set of winches on the car is possible. The winches are equipped with an electromechanical drive, cable or wire laying is made with automatic correction. Winch brake system is mechanical, drum type. To prevent winch cable breakage, cable tension measuring system is available and as well as it’s stopping when the predetermined thresholds are exceeded.
    Main parameters of winches
  • Electric drive power, kW up to 7.5
  • Maximum capacity of the winch drum by cable - up to 2000 m
  • Depth registration limit - up to 9999 m
  • Pitch of value setting of the marks of the measuring roller, 1 cm
  • Range of regulation of the cable movement speeds m / h 50-2000
  • Tension measuring range, kg 0 ... 8000