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Multifunctional device “MONICOR–3–GSM–LPR” for determining the corrosion rate by the LPR method
    The multifunctional device “MONICOR – 3 – GSM – LPR” allows for corrosion rate measurement by the LPR method immediately from 4 LPR sensors with compensation of medium resistance. Data transfer is carried out directly to the WEB- server via GPRS cellular communication channel or via RS-485 to the automated process control system.
    It is possible to fully configure the device from the WEB-server and connect various telemetry devices and mechanisms via the ModBus RTU protocol: temperature, pressure, oxygen sensors, flow meters, VFDs, heating elements, etc.
     “MONICOR – 3 – GSM – LPR” can be used as a PLC in automated process control systems.
    Other characteristics:
  • Memory for 30 thousand measurements and event logging
  • High accuracy - error in the most commonly used range of 100-1000 Ohms (equivalent to a speed of 0.1-1 mm/year) - 0.1%
  • Explosion protection marking 0Ex ia IIA T4 Ga X
  • Control of dosing pumps for supplying reagents, maintaining temperature, pressure, flow rate at facilities
  • Remote programming of control scenarios on the fly via Bluetooth or USB and control of connected devices via WEB server