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Automated test bench for corrosion inhibitors testing by gravimetric and electrochemical methods of the brand «Monicor-Stand-A»
    Monicor-Stand-A is designed for conducting corrosion-metric tests of corrosion inhibitors and coupons of various metals in an aqueous medium provided by the constancy of next parameters: temperature, flow rate, the content of carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and oxygen in it. Auxiliary controlled parameters: liquid levels and pressure in tanks. The bench installation run by software control developed on the basis of the Schneider Electric IGSS SCADA system. The next parameters recorded and displayed on the computer screen in real time: corrosion rate by LPR method, corrosion rate by CMAS method, pH value, content of corrosive gases. The rate of corrosion of flat samples by mass loss is determining during the test. The stand controller has the ability of new sensors connection, current output or RS-485 via MODBUS RTU protocol.