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Installation «Monicor-Stand-SOLISS-D» for evaluating the scale inhibitors performance in the dynamic test according to the NALCO method
    Installation «Monicor-stand-SOLISS-D» is designed to determine the scale inhibitors performance in the NALCO dynamic test. Due to the deposition of salts on the inner surface of the capillary pipeline when a mixture of anionic and cationic water of the preset temperature flows in salt-developing media, the diameter decreases and, accordingly, the pressure losses increase. The installation is equipped with an electronic pressure gauge, the received data is output to the SCADA computer system and analyzed by the user. If the pressure is higher than the set point, the pumps automatically stop.
    It is possible to evaluate the inhibitor performance by comparing the time before the pressure jump when the saline water flows with different types of scale inhibitors and without them.