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Corrosion control units with a stationary access unit «Monicor - UKK-ST» (for the polyspast pulley block)
    The corrosion control unit with a stationary access unit (ball valve DN-25 ... 150 mm, RN-40 ... 160 kg / cm2) of the «Monicor - UKK-ST» brand is manufactured according to the rod lenght agreed with the customer, which has the ability of vertical transition and fixation (by pins) at any level of the cross section inside the pipe. The rod fixation is provided by a collet fixture too. The units can be produced both in gravimetric version with disk or ring samples and in the form of LPR sensors.
    Monicor - UKK-ST corrosion control units are the most popular positions due to ease of use. They are widely used for pipelines the with the location depth from 1.5 to 4 m. Our specialists can carry out supervising installation with staff training on the exploitation of this equipment.
    The installation diagram on the aboveground pipeline is shown in the following figure. For underground pipeline everything is the same, only the welded fitting can be up to 3 m long, length of rod for coupons installation can be up to 4.5 m.