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"Monicor-UKK-ST" control unit with a stationary access node
    "Monicor-UKK-ST" control units with stationary access nodes (ball valve, nominal diameter = 50 mm, nominal pressure = 40 or 64 kg/ are manufactured in accordance with the customer-approved rod dimensions and have a possibility of vertical movement and fixation of the sample rod (with electrodes) at any level of a pipe section. A rod is fixed by means of a collet closing mechanism. Corrosion control units can be produced in two variants: as a gravimetrical set supplied with disk or ring samples or as an LPR probe
    Being easy-to-operate "Monicor-UKK-ST" corrosion control units are popular among customers and are used at pressure pipelines of PJSC "TNK-Nyagan" laid at a depth of 1,3 meters, and at pipelines of the Priobskoye deposit (PJSC "Yuganskneftegaz") laid at a depth of 1.5 to 4 meters, as well as at other deposits. We can optionally provide personnel training and installation supervision.
    Operating instructions will be sent to you upon your order (