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«Monicor-UVR-ST» reagent injection unit
    The «Monicor-UVR-ST» reagent injection unit is developed to inject liquid chemical reagents into a fluid or gas flow at a medium pressure of up to 10.0 MPa. The reagent injection unit is installed on the active pipeline through a ball valve with ball valve DN 25 or 32 mm.
    The unit is used for inject the reagents using dosing systems or dosing pumps capable of providing a constant differential pressure.
    When ordering, it is necessary to indicate the injector version: open, slotted, vertical or horizontal
    Injector for spraying with an oblique cut («needle»). The dispersion of reagent droplets is provided by its crushing by the flow of the medium. Nozzle, the model of which is selected based on the required average droplet size, as agreed with the manufacturer. The average droplet size does not depend on the flow rate of the medium, but is determined only by the nozzle parameters and pump performance. As a rule, a nozzle is used for spraying into a gaseous medium, where it is most effective, and with the correct selection of the model, motion of dispersed reagent droplets in the gas flow are provided up to the end point. When working with the nozzle, the using of proportioning pumps is required, which can provide a pressure at the inlet of the nozzle of 20 ... 25 MPa and a capacity of 16 l/h. If the calculated reagent supply is less than the required nozzle capacity, then the reagent must be supplied from the solution.