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The mobile pipeline system
    The mobile pipeline system is developed to the rapid deployment of the above ground pipelines in the field (mainly without mechanization) and to provide the pumping of media as an alternative to metal pipelines. The mobile pipeline system is also used for the construction of temporary pipelines for various purposes, for example, when repairing well flow lines, pressure testing other pipelines, constructing a bypass section, etc.
    The main element of the Mobile Pipeline System is a collapsible pipeline with various fittings, flanges, and fasteners, corresponding to the nominal pressure and diameter declared in the name of the characteristics. An auxiliary element of the Mobile Pipeline System is a block container for storage and transportation of everything necessary for the deployment of the pipeline on the ground, lodgements for storage and transportation of pipe sections or a coil for storing pipes. MTS is produced according to technic specifications 22.21.29-007-77850157-2018.
    The composition of the mobile pipeline system includes:
  1. Pipe sections are made of flexible polymer-metal pipes of the «Polycord-Flex» trademark. According to technic specifications 22.21.29-007-77850157-2018 delivery of pipes of other manufacturers is allowed;
  2. Lodgements for storage and transportation of pipe sections or a spool for storage of pipes (for pipe sections longer than 20 m);
  3. Fittings (tees, transitions, bends) and hard components (flanges, backup rings, studs, nuts or other fastening elements) for connecting the mobile pipeline system to other pipelines and joining the mobile pipeline system to the line of the configuration necessary for the consumer;
  4. Spare parts tools and accessories for repairing of pipe sections;
  5. Capped metal container (s) with a lockable door for storing positions 3 and 4 in separate boxes of mobile pipeline system.
    Block valves and other elements may also be included by the agreement with the customer.