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Corrosion control unit installer
    The corrosion control unit installation and pipeline tie-in device is used for:
  • Pipeline tie-in under pressure
  • Installation, exposition and withdrawal of gravimetrical samples, substratum samples for microbiological researches, oil thieves, electrochemical corrosion sensors
  • Corrosion control units allow to determine media corrosivity and effectiveness of anti-corrosive protection measures
Corrosion units are installed on the process equipment without stopping technological processes (pipe working pressure up to 40 atm)
    Corrosion control units are installed in a pipe, which is left uncovered, thus giving a possibility for vertical movement and fixation of a sample rod inside the pipe. The working order is presented on the scheme. We provide personnel training and installation supervision.
    Our Corrosion control unit installer has a significant difference from other domestic (Trubokor) and foreign (Rohrback Cosasco, etc.) analogues, which is a possibility of sample installation and sampling at any level of a pipe section. It should be particularly mentioned that our Device is more universal compared to other analogues. Using bayonet locks instead of tapped fittings (which are prone to clogging with cuttings and sand) makes operating the control units much easier. The parts of a ball valve of the Device that contact with a working medium are produced of titanium and non-corrosive steel.
    Use of this Device is economically feasible in view of absence of expenses on valves and lubricators during the construction of each corrosion control point. Use of non-corrosive steel in main components of the Device significantly increases the equipment longevity.
    Today our units are installed and used at Chernushkaneft (Permneftegaz) Oil-and-Gas Production Department (OGPD), Prorvaneft (Tengizneftegaz) OGPD, Bashneftegazprom, Fedorovneft (Surgutneftegaz) OGPD, Las'eganneft OGPD, Ur'evneft (Lukoil-Langepasneftegaz), Joint venture "Van'eganneft" (substitution model for "Cosasco" system), Almetevneft and YUNPH OGPD (substitution models for "Trubokor" system). The latter are successfully used at "Dzhalilneft" (Tatneft) OGPD and at all PJSC "Bashneft" OGPD, PJSC "Sibneft-Noyabrskneftegaz", PJSC "Lukoil-Perm", PJSC "Yuganskneftegaz", Western Siberian Agency of "Elf-Atokem", JSC "TNPH" etc. Besides, special-order corrosion control units were developed for AK "Transneft'", Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) and JSC "Tatneft'".