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On May 25, 2023 our company took part with the report «Automated Corrosion Protection System» in the discussion panel «Actual problems of corrosion protection of oil and gas equipment and pipelines» within the framework of the «Gas.Oil.Technologies» exhibition, which was held in Ufa . The areas covered at the discussion panel included the ways of solving the problems of corrosion protection of oilfield and oil refining equipment and main pipelines
On December 23, 2022, our company was awarded a diploma for the 2nd place in the Russian award in the field of international cooperation and export in the competition "Exporter of the Year of the Republic of Bashkortostan" (for 2021) in nomination "Exporter of the Year in the service sector among small and medium-sized businesses". The staff of Research and production firm "Akrus-M" expresses gratitude to the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of the Republic of Bashkortostan and the Export Support Center of the Republic of Bashkortostan for the high appreciation.
The production of a new flow unit "Monicor-stand-K" was mastered. It allows to determine and transmit corrosion rate and oxygen concentration to the Web-server in real time. In the stationary version, the unit is equipped with 5 solenoid valves and a separator, which prevents hydrocarbons from entering the zone for measuring oxygen and corrosion rate using the LPR method. The unit is controlled by the Monicor-3-GSM-LPR multifunctional device, which receives and transmits information from 2 corrosion sensors, an oxygen sensor and 2 microflow meters to the Web-server, and also controls the operation of all solenoid valves according to a given program. The unit in a stationary version was installed at one of the sewage pump stations of Samotlorneftegaz JSC. The using of the unit provides the possibility to control the ingress of oxygen into the RPM system, which is one of the strongest corrosive agents, and to take preventive measures if it is present. The resolving power of the stand for oxygen is very high - 4 µg/l. If necessary, the unit can automatically regulate the supply of a dosing pump with an oxygen neutralizer.
The certification of corrosion control units "Monicor-UKK-ST" for operation in explosive media according to TR CU 012/2011 is successfully passed
The "Akrus-M" Research chemical laboratory has successfully passed the procedure for competence confirmation in the Federal Accreditation Service. You can see the full list of objects and indicators of the scope of accreditation here (Scope of accreditation, Scope of accreditation 2).
The specialists of the Research and production firm "Akrus-M" took part in the Scientific and technical seminar "Production and transportation of oil and gas. New technologies and solutions" with two reports ("Use of domestic equipment for maintenance of corrosion control units of the pressure maintenance system of water conduits for the high pressure without stopping pipelines", and "Automated control system for the supply of chemical reagents") under the auspices of "RN-BashNIPIneft" in Ufa.
The certification of the "Monicor-3-GSM-LPR" corrosion meter in the "Monicor-isobox" steel container for operation in explosive media according to TR CU 012/2011 was successfully passed.
The 3rd version of the software engineering calculator "Extra-calc" has been released. The new version includes: calculations of CO2 corrosion according to the NORSOK M506 model and losses due to erosion according to the recommendations of NORSOK RP RP-O501. The calculations of salts and the salt composition of the water model were supplemented with clarifications, the calculations when mixing liquids was added in the calculation of the water model.
Participation in the program of an international multi-sectoral business mission to the Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent city, in the period from 05/18/2022 to 05/19/2022. During numerous meetings, local enterprises expressed interest in joint cooperation in the field of studying corrosion, scale, erosion and biocontamination in the oil fields of the Republic.
In the period from 04/04/2022 to 04/30/2022, on the initiative of Research and production firm “Akrus-M”, interlaboratory comparative tests (ICT) were conducted to assess the competence of laboratories involved in corrosion monitoring of oil production equipment and assessment of microbiological contamination of oilfield media. Based on the results of participation in the ICT, the laboratories were issued certificates of participation in the ICT, conclusions on the assessment of the quality of the test results, summary information on the test results received by all participants in the ICT. ICT is planned to be held on a regular basis.
Participation in the international multi-sectoral business mission to the Republic of Azerbaijan, Baku. During the meetings, Azerbaijani partners express interest in the products of our company.
Research chemical laboratory of Research and production firm «Akrus-M» has passed the procedure for confirming the competence in the national accreditation system "RusAccreditation" and has expanded the scope of its accreditation to determine the performance of asphalts and paraffins deposits inhibitors, non-volatile matter content in reagents, specific electrical conductivity and some other indicators. You can get acquainted with the complete list of objects and indicators of the updated scope of accreditation here (Scope of accreditation, Scope of accreditation 2).
The «Monicor-stand-A» installation has been modernized for the study of general and local corrosion of pipe steels in carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide media in order to assess the corrosion-erosive wear of steels by mechanical impurities in aqueous medium.The modernized installation allows to carry out tests with specified concentrations of abrasive particles, use samples in the form of a tube to study rill corrosion, as well as a cassette in which flat samples are located flush with the pipe surface, which makes it possible to determine the selective wear along the pipe cross-section during the movement of the hydroabrasive medium.
The installation for performance evaluation of asphalt-resin-paraffin deposits (ARPD) inhibitors of the «Monicor-XC-6» brand was designed and manufactured to determine the amount of ARPD deposited from oil on a cooling metal surface and to evaluate the performance of their inhibition in oil samples using various reagents.The installation operates according to the «cold finger» method. Distinctive feature of the installation is the simultaneous using of: 6 cells for carrying out experiments, a circulation pump for the thermostat of the apparatus to ensure uniform heating of the cells (along with their mechanical rotation), solenoid valves with the help of which the coolant flows are switched in the directions «cryostat - cold fingers» or «thermostat - cold fingers» and the possibility of heating rods with crystallized ARPD after the experiment.
In the period from October 8 to 10 our company, with the support of the “The Center for Export Support of the Republic of Bashkortostan” took part in the international exhibition "Big Industrial week" ( in the capital of Egypt, Cairo. Egypt’s oilfield companies have shown interest in our products, which gives reason to expand geography of supplies our production and software, as well cooperation in the area of scientific and practical activities.
On September 5-6, 2019 specialists of Research and production firm «Akrus-M» took part in the 2nd scientific and technical seminar «Improving of operating reliability and pipeline design, сorrosion monitoring and corrosion protection (including production chemicalization Issues)», which was organized by «Rosneft» in Ufa. Our specialists shared their experience with the participants in the relevant topics:
1. «The operation experience of electronic corrosion gauges, performing in the real time according to the LPR method»
2. «Issues of corrosion inhibitors adsorption on the various materials and clarification of requirements for samples of liquids with reagents»
3. «Automated bench installations for oilfield equipment corrosion modeling».
The report «Issues of corrosion inhibitors adsorption on the various materials and clarification of requirements for samples of liquids with reagents» was awarded a diploma for the high level and practical significance of the research.
On May 22-24, 2019 Research and production firm «Akrus-M» took part in the international conferences «Corrosion in the Oil and Gas Industry» which was organized by NACE International at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. The research topics were: «Application of the LPR method for the corrosion rate determination in the various corrosion mechanisms media» and «The study of the general and local corrosion of pipe steels in the carbon dioxide and hydrosulphuric media via the automated bench installation «Monicor-stand-A»
The test-bench Monicor-E-2 for the study of erosion is designed and manufactured. It is designed to experimentally determine the erosive wear of field equipment on coupons in the form of pipes and fittings of pipelines. The tests are carried out in the air flow generated by an 11 kW high-pressure fan and maintained in a stable state at a flow rate, the rate of introduction of abrasive particles into the air flow, as well as the concentration of droplet liquid sprayed into the flow moving at a velocity of up to 150 m/s air media through a DN100 mm pipeline using a centrifugal nozzle.
On September 3-4, 2019 Research and production firm «Akrus-M» took part in the conference "CORROSION 2019" which was organized by the journal «Engineering Practice» in Yekaterinburg. The research topic was: «The operation experience of electronic corrosion gauges, performing in the real time according to the LPR method»
The laboratory test-bench Monicor-E-1 for the study of erosion is designed and manufactured. It allows to solve the following tasks: determining the influence of various factors on the abrasive wear of different materials, namely, the angle of abrasive particles attack, the actual flow rate of particles, their fractional composition, hardness, including in the gas flow with an admixture of moisture. The test-bench is operating on the base of 30 kW air compressor and allows to test up to 6 coupons of various materials simultaneously.
Installation of the "Monitor-stand" brand for corrosion metric tests, which is produced according to the technical specification 26.51.53-004-77850157-2017, received the declaration of conformity with the requirements of the technical regulation of the Customs Union CU TR 004/2011 «On the safety of low-voltage equipment». We produce three models of pilot installations: «Monicor-stand-1», «Monicor-stand-2» and «Monicor-stand-A», which are distinguished by the high degree of automation and design. The stands of models 1 and 2 are produced in flow and circulation version, the model is designed to continuous testing with a large volume of liquid with automatically gas composition maintaining in a wide range - only in the circulation version. Bench installations are designed to corrosion testing according to the standard GOST 9.506-87 at atmospheric pressure and / or the electrochemical method according to the standard GOST 9.514-99, as well as researches in the field of corrosion.
Research chemical laboratory of Research and production firm «Akrus-M» received an accreditation certificate of RusAccreditation. The accreditation scope: oil, oil products, carbon steel, corrosion inhibitors, oil field water, bactericides, scale inhibitors, demulsifiers, oil emulsions, oil field media, chemicals, natural water, surface water, waste water, produced water.
Research and production firm «Akrus-M» joined «The Interregional Association of Designers», this enables us to develop design documentation in the Russian Federation.
A Web-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Web-Eco system was designed for enterprises operating in the field of providing services, manufacturing (packaging) and supplying their own and / or third-party products.
The system provide control of sales: the formation of documentation, storage of additional sales documentation, sales search by principle, change in sales status, sales book formation, costing goods, Sale prices; Purchasing of components and their complete set in commodity units; Warehouse movement. When you enter a new order, an automatic determination of the need for components is made, which ensures that the order is strictly enforced. (Drawings, descriptions, etc.).
Also in the same system, the office work of the enterprise is carried out: storage and automatic numbering of orders, travel certificates, power of attorney, incoming and outgoing correspondence with reference to sales; Accounting, storage and retrieval of information about employees, staffing, time sheets, conducts records of paid and unpaid compensatory time offs and much more.
One of the functions of the system is the formulation, discussion and monitoring of the tasks that are put to the employees within the framework of the enterprise. One of the elements of improving the performance discipline is a daily automatic dispatch with reminders about employees by e-mail, which makes it easier to control the work processes from the middle and top level of the company.
Web-Eco is not positioned as a program for accounting, so it does not take into account all the company's expenses, but only those that affect sales bundling. This scheme is less burdensome than the full ERP-system of the enterprise, both for users and for accountants, whose role is that it is included in the system, Primary sales documentation is formed in Web-eco cooperates with the enterprise and can at any time Be restored from there.
Access to the Web-Eco system occurs from any Internet browser by login-password and SMS, coming to the phone registered in the system. The system implements the demarcation of users' rights to view and modify certain data, a single warehouse for any number of vendors and many other useful functions. The system calculates all changes in the database with the date and user name, the change, with the ability to recover deleted records.
The Web-Eco system is implemented as SaaS (software as a service - software as a service).
Those wishing to use the Web-Eco service can contact us.
Industrial testing and inclusion of the Monicor-Stand-A test bench, which is designed for conducting corrosion-metric tests, including for quality and temperature control, was included in the equipment. And the flow rate, the content of carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen in it. Auxiliary controlled parameters in the installation: liquid levels and pressure in the tanks. The bench installation is running software developed on the basis of the Schneider Electric IGSS SCADA system. LPR, corrosion rate according to the CMAS method, pH value, content of corrosive gases. Also during the test, the rate of corrosion of flat samples by mass loss is determined. The stand controller has the ability to connect new sensors for current output or RS-485 via the MODBUS RTU protocol.
In the period from June 3 to June 6, 2014, the Seminar "Domestic and Foreign Experience of Corrosion Monitoring, Application of Inhibitory Protection and Studies of Corrosion Processes in Oilfield Equipment" was held on the basis of GUP "IPTER" and the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus. The Seminar was attended by 58 people working in the oil, oil refining and petrochemical industries. At the Seminar, presentations are made by employees of scientific and production organizations, as well as a guest from the US - Technical Director of Corr Intsruments Lietai Yang. Presentations made at the seminar are available for participants in the Download section.
Was begun the industrial production of a new model of a corrosion rate indicator "MONICOR-3-GSM-LPR" for carrying out measurements of speed in the online mode by wireless technologies. The device has increased accuracy due to the use of a precision 24 bit ADC, providing an improved system of compensation for ohmic resistance of workers, as well as new measurement algorithms that significantly improve the accuracy of metering in corrosive environments where conditions exist for creating deposits on the metal surfaces. In addition to the corrosion rate, the apparatus evaluates the electrical conductivity of working media in μS / cm. The device is equipped with a power supply, an SD-card (1-4 GB) for recording measured data, a software for receiving data on a computer from an SD card, "Web-Mnicor" software (In source codes) to create your own Web server that allows you to organize the device in on-line mode via GSM network (GPRS) channels. When working with the BDU-UDR-Monicor-GSM controller, the indicator can be used to regulate the reagent consumption depending on the corrosion rate according to LPR sensors
Was begun the industrial production "BDU-UDR-MONIKOR-GSM" and software "Web Monitor" for the organization of the control of corrosion from the Web site. If using "MONIKOR-3-GSM-LRP" it provide to automate the process of feeding the reagent, linking it with the of the corrosion rate.
An electronic system for dosing corrosive gases for the circulation version of the "Monitor-Stand" has been developed. It is provide possible to maintain the partial pressures of corrosive gases (CO2, H2S and O2) from 0 to 1 atm during corrosion testing in a circulating system with high accuracy. During the whole experiment, which is very important for accurate modeling of the corrosion situation and obtaining reliable results.
New methods and methods for predicting the failure flow based on statistical processing of the surfaces of witness specimens exposed in field conditions have been developed. The technique allows for technical and economic comparison of technologies and technologies using standard corrosion control units. "Without an inhibitor" and "with an inhibitor".
Website redesign and translation of its content into English.
An update of the "ExtraCalc 1.5" engineering calculator has come out. The program has been expanded with a possibility to construct approximating function charts. A trial version of the program (till 31.03.2007) is available at the Downloads section.
Taking into account the fact that a lot of fundamental changes have accumulated in the "Extra 5.0" software it was decided to update the software version from 5.0 to 6.0. It is planned to update the subversions of version 6.0 quarterly, as before. The list of updates is available at the "Downloads" section.
A new device "Monicor-UKK-NO" has been engineered. It is designed for installing witness samples on a lower generatrix of buried pipelines without stopping transit. The new device is totally above-ground operated. The device was tested in February, 2006 on a 1.2 meters deep buried pressure pipeline and two oil-gathering pipelines owned by OAO "Yuganskneftegaz".
This device allows to control pipeline lower generatrix grooving (streaming) corrosion, which was hard to do before.
The device is an irreplaceable means of corrosion control of pipelines with insignificant water content and of the assessment of pipe pigging effectiveness. The design documentation of the device has been forwarded to commercial production. Please place your purchase orders.
A team of authors including A.T. Faritov, L.P. Khudyakova, Yu.G. Rozhdestvenski, A.S. Nadrshin and E.N. Safronov were awarded the State Prize of the Republic of Bashkortostan for their scientific-practical publication "A system of Pipeline Corrosion Monitoring at an Oil-and-Gas Producing Enterprise". The award was presented in a ceremony by the President of the Republic M.G. Rakhimov.
A new version of the "ExtraCalc 1.5" engineering calculator has come out. The program has been expanded with a "Sulfate calculation according to the Odd-Tomson method and GD 39-0147103-302-88" form. A trial version of the program will be available soon at the Downloads section.
The "Extra" program has been modified fundamentally. The modifications are connected with:
  • the introduction of new principles of pipeline network visualization
  • calculation methods enhancement
  • alteration of a topographic base of the specialized geographic information system (GIS) of the program
The following innovations must be mentioned:
  • a notion of a "Complicated node" is added to the GIS-system of the program
  • a possibility to maintain the interrelated Process Flow and Scaling diagrams is added
  • calculation algorithm for network looped sections is updated
  • registration and report forms of the program are updated
You can find a list of updates to the "Extra" program in the Downloads section.
Advertising material in English "Business proposal for cooperation in the area of corrosion monitoring and oil field pipelines database software" is available at the Downloads section (
An article "A Concept of Development of the Field Pipelines Technical Diagnosis System" by A.G. Gumerov, A.P. Medvedev, L.P. Khudyakova, A.T. Faritov and Yu.G. Rozhdestvenski (GUP IPTER, OAO YUKOS-EP) has come out in the "Oil Facilities" magazine, # 01, 2005, and is available at the Downloads section.
An update version of the "ExtraCalc 1.5" engineering calculator has come out recently. A new form has been added to the program, which is "Calculation of a corrosion rate based on a sample analysis". The trial version (exp. date 1.05.05) is available from the Downloads section.
A two-day meeting of the OAO TNK-BP Corrosion Management expert group led by S. Webster was held at the IPTER Institute on November 24-25. Nineteen middle and top managers of the TNK-BP Company and its affiliates took part in the meeting, along with the IPTER specialists. They discussed the questions of application of pipeline accounting and analysis software, technological aspects of corrosion control, as well as the existing problems of application of normative documents on pipeline maintenance and ways of problem-solving.
A Hot-Tap device, Monicor-SV-ST-40, designed for use on deep buried pipelines was tested in the flood plain of the Priobskoye oil field located on the right bank of the Ob River and owned by OAO "Yuganskneftegaz". 25 holes altogether were drilled from the ground surface, with a 2 to 3.5 meters distance from the Device's ball valve to a pipe wall. This technique allows to install corrosion control units on buried pipelines without building special wells.
The trial version of the "ExtraCalc" engineering calculator has been updated by adding a function transfer feature. The update is available from the Downloads section. The calculator is a useful tool for the technicians who have to deal with different engineering challenges and calculations with function memorization, and calculations with variables. Around November the calculator will be expanded with experimental data approximation and functional dependences forms, and a form of a maximum penetration assessment according to wall thickness measurement data based on statistical data processing. The current version of the program is for familiarization purposes only and runs until December 31, 2004.
A new release of the "Extra 5.0" program will come out on April 22, 2004. A list of alterations to the program is available at the Downloads section. Modifications have been done mainly in the Extra GIS-system, which makes it a network GIS-system. The GIS-system is combined with an exhaustive database adapted for field pipeline operations (about 900 pipeline characteristics allocated in 100 tables).
State Standard (GOST) 9.514-99 is added to the Downloads section. It is titled "Metal Corrosion Inhibitors for Aqueous Media: Electrochemical Method of Protective Capability" and regulates the operation of corrosion gages.
The "ExtraCalc" program has been updated: a new bookmark has been added - a mathematical calculator with advanced features (saving of inputted functions, calculation with variables, etc.); some new sections have been added to a "Measurement units converter" (corrosion rate). An updated beta-version of the program is available from the Downloads section.
An article by Medvedev A.P., Faritov A.T., Toporovski A.I.., Voider A.L., Gusev A.V. (OAO YUKOS-EP, GUP IPTER) "Economic Approach to the Arrangement of Measures on the OAO YUKOS Field Pipelines Reliability Enhancement" has come out in "YUKOS Scientific-Technical Bulletin", #8, 2003.
A training course "Peculiarities of Pipeline Maintenance in Corrosion-Hazardous Environments" has been held at the Corrosion monitoring department during December 15-19, 2003. Fourteen professionals from different departments of the IPTER institute took part in the training. Among them were heads of pipeline maintenance departments, maintenance and repair shop specialists, OAO YUKOS pipeline maintenance technicians. A decision to maintain cooperation with oil companies in the field of technical specialists' professional development and training has been adopted.
A new procedure of hydraulic calculation has been added to the "Extra" program. This procedure is set forth in GD 39-0076-91 and recommended in GD 39-132-94 for calculations on pipes with consumption gas content over 0.95.
The "Extra" program has been expanded with a database combining procedure realized by an "Electrica" module that combines different databases, and a mailer for sending and receiving database dumps.
The "Extra" program has been expanded with a Filter report generating procedure.
New modifications of Monicor-2 and Monicor-1 have been put in production (development work finished on 10.06.03). The control panel was modified - control buttons were hidden under the board; indicating lights were replaced for brighter ones. From now on Monicor-2 will be produced in two different modifications: a laboratory modification (4 channels) and a field modification (1 channel). The latter may be equipped with a module of connection to a telemetering system by a standard current 5.20 mA signal. Monicor-1 has been expanded with a feature for compensation of a solution ohmic resistance. Both values of corrosion rate are displayed during the measurement process (with compensation of a solution ohmic resistance and without it). The modification resulted in reducing of Monicor-2 power consumption by 40% in the laboratory modification and by 60% in the field modification.
The "Extra" program has been expanded with a Filter for compiling of Summary tables, operated by a selection by any source table field. The Filter is based on an "Extra" embedded SQL-script interpreter. This procedure allows database administrators to generate target tabular forms with proper functional capabilities for analysis at their discretion. The Filter-generated tables may be related with each other.
A beta-version of the "ExtraCalc" program has been released and sent out for testing. A time limited version of the program is available for downloading from the Downloads section.
A Hot-tapping device for buried pipelines has been designed and manufactured (1.5 meters from a pipe's upper generatrix to an upper flange plate of a valve). The Device has been tested and approved while setting up corrosion monitoring points with stationary valves at TNK-Nyagan pressure pipelines.
At the suggestion of OAO "Orenburgneft", a hydraulic calculation data reading algorithm of the "Extra" program has been modified. A new intermediate level - "oil deposit" - has been added.
An article "Retrospective Analysis of the Samotlor Oil-Field Composition and Media Corrosion Activity" has come out. ("Oil Facilities", Moscow - #06, 2003)
An electronic circuit of the Monicor-2 corrosion gage has been modified. From now on its field version may be equipped with a module of connection to a telemetering system by a standard current 5.20 mA signal. Two modifications of Monicor-2 will be put in production - a laboratory modification (4 channels) and a field modification (1 channel). Monicor-1 has been expanded with a feature for compensation of a solution ohmic resistance. Both values of corrosion rate are displayed during the measurement process (with compensation of a solution ohmic resistance and without it). The modification resulted in reducing of Monicor-2 power consumption by 40% in the laboratory modification and by 60% in the field modification.
New features have been added to the "Extra" program process flow:
  • image layers editing
  • selected object properties readout in online editing mode
  • representation of pipelines on a process flow diagram by belonging to a selected shop
  • activation of a source data form for an entire pipeline from a diagram by a right-click (in earlier versions this function was available only for a pipeline object)
  • zooming a diagram with a mouse wheel
  • moving a diagram by pressing a mouse wheel
OAO "Samotlorneft" conducted a pilot-testing of different protection technologies for wells and pipelines. 20 wells with different characteristics and recovery mechanisms were involved in the testing. The technologies of squeezing the inhibitors into a reservoir, embedding in annular space, pumping into gas lines of gaslift wells were put to the test. 20 Monicor-Probe corrosion control units, 5 Monicor-2 corrosion gages, sample cassettes planted into the wells, and 10 controlled-volume pumps were used during the testing. The water and the oil gas were analyzed at all wells; recovery of reagents was controlled at all wells. On completion of the pilot test one reagent of the four presented, which showed the highest effectiveness, was selected. The test ascertained that the inhibitor treatment of wells brings economic effect only in case of expanding an overhaul period of wells and increasing servicing and total overhaul expenses. In this case the pipeline protection will become a virtually free additional effect. The accumulated experience will help us to conduct works at other customers' deposits with higher cost-effectiveness, predicted results and economically grounded recommendations.
Field testing of inhibitors at OAO "Orenburgneft" water conduits was conducted. For the first time LPR-based corrosion control units (working pressure = 160 atm.) were used for such tests. With the use of the Monicor-2 corrosion gages and the above-mentioned control units it became possible to complete a field testing of one reagent in several concentrations within 3-5 days. As a result, a tightly scheduled field testing of several reagents was conducted.
An automatic update procedure has been added to the "Extra" program. The program is updated automatically at start-up when an upgraded version is detected.
"Extra"'s flow diagram outlining procedure has been revised.
"Extra 5" has been finally translated from InterBase 6.0 to an Oracle 8i EE platform .
An article "Reliability Control of Field Pipelines at the Tyumen Oil Company British Petroleum Deposits" has come out. ("Oil Facilities", Moscow - #12, 2002)
An article "Methods, Means and Software for Pipelines Corrosion Monitoring" has come out. ("Oil Facilities", Moscow - #10, 2002)
Linear polarization resistance (LPR) based Monicor-UKK-160 control units for pressure = 160 atm. have been designed for reservoir pressure maintenance (RPM) system. The first ten units have been installed together with the Monicor-2 corrosion gages at OAO "Orenburgneft" RPM system water conduits and shown high performance. Being satisfied with the testing results OAO "Orenburgneft" has placed an additional order for 40 corrosion control units.
An air-tight circulation test bench has been designed and manufactured recently. An inhibitor bench test for one of the oil-producing enterprises has been carried out. The results of the test allow to recommend it for bench testing in hydrogen sulfide-containing media and for studying corrosion erosion processes (corrosion in high-speed flows). A circulation test bench has the following advantages over a flow test bench:
  1. High flow speed - testing speed at a circulation bench is much higher than at a flow bench.
  2. An inhibitor has time to disperse (in case of a flow bench it can just "fly through" a working cell).
  3. All tests are conducted in laboratory conditions. An air-tight filling and draining of the bench system are vital (the bench may be left on overnight connected to Monicor-2. On completion of a test all data should be inputted in a computer).
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